Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FULL BEAM! hits London.... 13/07/13

Poster By: Randall Marsh 2013

Yes London Folk.... The FB! Mothership is cruisin down to your domain on Saturday 13th July... sonofapizzaman will be in charge... Parkin' up at NORTHERN SOUL KITCHEN (co-ordinates on poster) n playing boogie-centric tackle from 3pm alllllllllllll day and eve... Dope record shop-come-eatery-come social hotspot... get on it if your in range. Tasty shit to eat and all heavy wax vibes.

Liquid sunshine boogie allllll day....... pizzaman will be joined by Wet Play's own WAYWARD. C who'll be mooching down from his clubhouse in Bishops Tooting Forehead or what other wackily-named capital burrough he dwells in nahhhdays *ARMED to the teeth with a bag of the strongest aphrodisiacs as standard.



Make a b-line down to the place on Saturday 13th July... RMx

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