Saturday, 19 October 2013

FULL BEAM! Volume TEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Cover designed by : Randy Marsh

We reach Full Beam! number ten with a massive BANG!...12 smash hits from the cooler of BENNY BADGE - beamed over to the Gravy Pit in one tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight package and sent out to you and yours with LOVE... Hailing from Earth's warm underbelly, BB's holding a boogie stash to blow your brains out and here's a dozen specially for us!

We don't need no waterrrrrrrrrrr!

So the man has the goods... check the SECRET HEAT vibe he's got simmering away with fellow cruiser weight champion INKSWEL... *Plus he also happens to sport some of the hottest synth-skills in all of modern boogie... Creasin' up stereos worldwide with his much lauded and awesome NITE CLASS project recently,,, along with ongoing pyramid-shaking escapades as FREEKWENCY...

Benny jammed HARD with us last year down at Full Beam! and rumours about a return visit are RIFE so keep alert for details on where to catch him soon. Rest assured, we will meet him at the airport and bundle him into the back of the boogie bus...

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