Thursday, 7 November 2013

Re-energise the Boogie jam 16/11/13

Poster by : Randall Marsh Snr.

*After a lengthy spell of pumping undercover, private showbiz 'pit' jams FULL BEAM! is back for public consumption... This time we're rolling down to GULLIVER's - one of the only gaffs in Manchester's NQ we're not barred from (slight exaggeration) for and early evening power mooch in their upstairs chamber. This place has recently been spruced up ta f**k... Licks of paint throughout, the jazz-stained carpet (see the 'Space Docking' incident) has gone, leaving a lush wooden floor, new sound and light system installed...

Insert Pyramid here.....

*Event brought on in celebration of one Vincent Texture's Birthday... many happy Re-gurns g (gyulp). By special invitation and in addition to your regular FB! crew we're beaming down Glasgow's BOP GUN for one night only! Scroll down or click the name for our previous post re: this cat. and ohhh shit... the vicious rumours of a certain BOBBY NAUTICAL a.k.a The Ted Danson of Rap a.k.a The Roger Sterling of Soul being in town armed with a bag of liquid heat are TRUE... another solid reason to tuck in and turn up.

*NIGHT RUNS FROM 9pm - 1AM : So don't rock up at 12.30am and moan that its closing at 1.... This ain't no club night its a JAM folks so get your asses into town early and come straight to the spot if you want to hear HARDCORE BOOGIE rocks... We ain't charging in but DONATIONS are encouraged, we suggest a couple of quid - this will help us pay for Bop gun's teleportation costs and other expenses e.g Bobby Nautical's £75 umbrella penchant....

<<<<< HITS LIKE THESE >>>>>

*Yes peops, we've activated a channel to bang out our favourite hits... in peculiar - ones that aint on youtube... Instrumental dubs n shit that oft get overlooked and clangers that no-one can be arsed uploading cause they aint worth 100 quid... There's a few bits on there and more to follow so FOLLOW....


....Show me the way to the Pizza Party!!!! The Hydrofoil has a full fuel tank and this 'pizzaman mix is cellotaped into the cassette deck and pumpin LOUD!... Runnin over armband-wearing chumps for fun.

FB! x

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