Monday, 4 August 2014

Full Beam! w/ GLOWING PALMS (05/09/14)

Patterns: Stanley Biff Jnr. / Layout Randall Marsh Snr. 2014. Glowing Palms logo - model's own.

*Join us as we climb the pyramid on Friday September 5th down at the Roadhouse in Manchester where we play host to GLOWING PALMS! - Part of London's flamboyant ENDLESS REACH crew and regular host on Resonance FM's ultra nice show THE GRAVY, this razor sharp northern cat has been steadily clocking up the showbiz credits, boasting slick DJ and Production skills. A prize stallion in the RUF KUTZ stable, G.P has fired out several whoppers for the label including a recent mammoth effort on the beautiful RK#9 12" where he pumps Skream's Midnight Request Line up on to the garage hydraulics for some heavy customisation, garnering a weighty nod from the Croydon stepper himself on Radio One recently.....

G.P can more than hold his own when it comes to a boogie jam and will no doubt also be armed with extra laser beams, rock-hard electronical cricket balls and massive floor pounders to boot. Expect them knickers to fizzzzzzzzzzzzz down at the Full Beam! boogietech on September Five....



Also entering the joust, we got ice-cold boogie knight - SI:FI hitting the canvass for this one... Part of Manchester's 3-on-3-off carouseling 'Doghouse Crew' which includes esteemed members of Manc institution : The Social Service (We're kidnappin' your boy for this one yo!)... Randy Marsh first met this cat on the Sunday League football pitch and got marked out of the game (Oi! RMx). A tight-pocketed solid defender, 1st rate sick cunt (soz girls) and a monster jock - Well looking forward to him oiling up the FB! runway...


So 1 bluey (5 pound note) equals PURE BOOGIE come September 5th... The Full Beam! team will be on site too for extra grunt... Full script detailed on the pinging poster at top of the page... Extra credit going out to Stanley Biff Jnr. (Straight out the Nile / Feet still wet) for providing the insane patterns. Stan will also be providing live Visual FX on the evening as we break into the subterranean chamber... 

))))))))))))) Full Beam! Team x ((((((((((((


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