Friday, 31 October 2014

14" Magnifica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonofapizzaman proudly presents his 14 inch Magnifica!!! Contains a fuck-tonne of boogie and italo toppings. No hotdogs in the crust or any of that sort of bullshit. This special guest mix for Red Laser Records includes a couple of yet to be released tracks from the label. 'Pizzaman robbed the keys to label chief Il Bosco's Red Rocket Racer and lifted some test pressings out the boot.

*WARNING - Will make you wanna eat pizza and fly a magic carpet over a rainbow. FINE TOPPINGS NO DROPPINGS.

*Credits : Recorded at the Pizzashop on complimentary San Pellegrino and INFINITE BREADSTICKS. Sleeve design by Randall Marsh. Full Beam! jumper provided by The Pyramid Suite. Veal steaks provided by Pappa Nino...



Original sleeve effort haha (RMx)

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