Saturday, 27 February 2016

Full Beam! FM on NTS /// Family Jam 04.03.16

1... Full Beam! FM on NTS

Yes gees Full Beam! is back for 2016!... We are out of administration and back in the black. The Hydrofoil is once again fully operational and has been kitted out with more extra gizmos that inspector gadget's Y-fronts. Including a state of the art radio mast that we will be using to send regular transmissions out around the world... in fact we've already been doing this...

Full Beam! FM (From Manchester) will be broadcasting live on NTS Manchester (on the international stream) once per month. Hosted by Randall Marsh, sonofapizzaman and new regular and longtime pal Ruf Dug - we will be playing: BOOGIE Blasters. Street Soul. 50p bangers and rare tackle. Modern Funk - whacked-out RNB - Synthesizer funk - specialist soul ETC. First 3 shows are up on the mixcloud already so TUNE IN!!! That's six hours of proper boogie for you right there.

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2. Family Jam 04.03.16

The hydrofoil's gonna be ram raiding KOSMONAUT bar (yeah they're letting us back in) on Friday 4th March from 8pm-2am in sunny Manchester UK... The FB! soundsystem will be installed for extra grunt and we got some giveaway prizes too for early comers. The Full Beam! family tree will be joined by some of our closest and mostest for a proper boogie affair. As ever (apart from one time we charged a fiver - not doing that again cash is for turds) Full Beam! is a FREE jam (All Wax NO Tax) for all with ZERO cover charge however, if you do feel like contributing to the Hydrofoil's petrol fund then you can buy sonofapizzaman a drink cause it's his birthday doo init.

Tune in to the event here for updates and pre-beam buzz: EVENT PAGE CLICK HERE

FULL BEAM! Rules will be in place... Players and dancers read on...

1. All hitters - No shitters.
2. No Rappers Delight.
3. All records back in the right sleeves.
4. No scrapping with the help.
5. No boffing on the dancefloor.
6. No edits.
7. No giving sonofapizzaman your discogs account log-in details.
8. No dry-humping the DJ's (Levi Love - i'm looking in your direction)
9. All wax. 3 on 3 off.
10. No boings in the booth.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result on you getting bounced (does not apply to rules 3,4 & 5)

See ya down there (0: 


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